Marie Le Mounier

FRENCH INSTITUTE, PHNOM PENH, 2020. A residency at the French Institute in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from February till June 2020, with 12 young Cambodian photographers. Project coordinated by Philong Sovan.

GLUON LABS, Brussels, 2017. One week workshop with adolescents. Gluon labs seeks to connect young people aged 14 to 18 with researchers, artists and entrepreneurs to work in STARTS (science, technology and the arts).

INSTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN, Madrid, 2015. Photography workshop with fine art graduate students.

LE LOUVRE, Paris / LE RAINCY. A six month workshop in 2014 with a group of students from Coll├Ęge Jean-Baptiste Corot in collaboration with the Louvre Museum on the theme of "portrait".

UCL - Catholic University of Louvain, 2011. A six month residency in collaboration with students of the University.

TORONTO SCHOOL OF ART, 1997. A one month photography residency at the school.

ENSP/CLASSES ARC-EN-CIEL, Arles 1995. A week long photography workshop with adolescents on the theme of "portraits" at the National Superior School of Photography.